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Summer is almost officially here and now is a great time to prepare for the season. Some of the steps you should take are fun but others are just practical, like preventing sun damage to your home. The following are a few steps to protect your home from sun damage.

1. Prevent Sun Damage With Film

You have probably noticed that some things in your home fade over time and become less vibrant. This happens to floors, carpets, couches, chairs, and other types of upholstery. The reason you are seeing this is that the color is degrading due to sun exposure, more specifically, the UV rays coming into your home.

Natural sunlight is beautiful so there’s no need to close all your blinds this summer or buy blackout curtains, but you can block harmful UV rays with a UV ray filter film¬†that is easily placed over your windows. These films should last a while and are relatively inexpensive. This step should keep your items safer during the summer.

2. Preserve Furniture With a Covering

The next thing you want to do to protect your home from sun damage is to pay attention to your fabric-covered furnishings. Placing the film over your windows helps, but you can still take additional steps. In brightly lit areas, you can stick to light-colored fabrics where fading will be less noticeable than on darker ones.

You should also try to buy fabrics that are synthetic rather than natural because these resist fading better. Those who wish to protect the furnishings even further may want to invest in UV-repelling sprays. These are sold in home improvement stores or online and help protect your fabric-covered furnishings. Use the sprays as directed in the product’s instructions.

3. Protect Your Home From Sun Damage With a Finish

Those with hardwood floors or similar floors will have to worry about fading, especially if you do not want to replace your floors prematurely. You probably already applied a UV-filtering film over your windows, but now you can address the floors directly. One thing you can do is apply a finish over your floors that contains UV inhibitors.

These finishes are sold in hardware or home improvement stores. You may also want to apply pigment-based stains on your floors before the summer gets here. It would be wise to have this applied by professionals to make sure it is done right.

4. Use Special Frames and Sprays for Pictures and Artwork

To further protect your home from sun damage, you also need to take care of your artwork. Thankfully, there are a few additional steps you can take to keep things safe from UV damage.

For example, you can purchase museum-grade conservation glass or UV-blocking acrylic frames for your pictures. The acrylic frames are inexpensive, but the museum-grade glass is a lot more effective, so the choice is yours. Any artwork on canvas will need to be treated with archival protection sprays, which are relatively cheap. You will need to follow the instructions on the label of these sprays to use them effectively.

Hopefully, these steps will make it easier for you to protect your home from sun damage. You can also hire a home inspector who may suggest additional steps to make your home more energy efficient and ready for the season.

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