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Planning a vacation takes a lot of preparation. As you get ready for your trip, don’t forget to come up with a plan to keep your home safe when you are away.

Methods to Keep Your Home Safe

With summer in full swing, there are many families going on vacation before the kids go back to school. Since many houses are left empty for weekends and even months, summertime is the best season to improve your home security. Read on for five ways to keep your home safe during vacation.

1. Reinforce Sliding Doors

When leaving for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to reinforce your sliding doors. While you should always lock your doors, make sure you also reinforce them at the base of each door. Use a block of wood, broom, or yardstick inside the bottom track of the door, making it harder to open, even if the lock is broken.

2. Have a Friend or Neighbor Collect the Mail

Houses with a large pile of mail and packages are a clear indication that no one is at home. Suspend deliveries through the post office or ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail until you make it back from your vacation. By keeping your mailbox empty, you’ll be able to make it look like you never left.

3. Set the Light Timer

While you don’t want to keep the lights on 24/7 in your home, it is wise to set your lights on a timer to turn on and off throughout the night and day. Having the lights on a timer will work to deter any would-be burglars.

4. Try not to Broadcast Your Vacation

Telling your followers on social media about your latest adventures may be fun, but it’s not always smart. If you have a public profile, posting about your vacation is a clear sign that you are away from home. Instead of live-streaming your time on vacation, consider waiting until you return to share your adventures, or create a private group of trusted friends and family so your activity is not seen by the public.

5. Double Check Windows and Doors

Be sure to double check and lock all doors and windows, and any pet doors. You may be surprised by the fact that 30% of home break-ins occur when the burglar enters through an unlocked door or window. By double checking all entry points, you’ll be sure to vacation with a better peace of mind.

Keeping your home’s security at the forefront of your mind before you leave will help your return home be stress-free. Use these five tips to keep your home safe during your vacation.

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